Prague to host Quality Policy Conference on 12–13 March

The conference, organised by the Presidency under the aegis of Czech Agriculture Minister Gandalovič and EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Fischer Boel, will be held on 12–13 March at the Marriott Hotel, Prague.

The discussion will be based on the Green Paper on quality policy published by the European Commission in October 2008 and will take place in three parallel workshops:

  • Farming requirements and marketing standards,
  • EU quality programmes,
  • Certification programmes and organic farming.

The conference will bring together Agriculture Ministers from Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Greece, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Great Britain, delegates from France, Germany Poland, Austria, Denmark, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary and other EU Member States as well as representatives of NGOs and other experts on agricultural product quality. The conclusions of the conference will provide the basis for the Communication on Agricultural Product Quality Policy, to be published by the European Commission in May 2009. The conference will offer a forum for discussions which, given the extraordinary extent and level of expert knowledge required, will represent a significant contribution by the Czech Presidency to this policy area and, in the long run, to reinforcing the competitiveness of European farming.

For more information go to the conference website


  • Tereza Dvořáčková, Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Tel.: +420 221 813 063, GSM: +420 737 213 030, E-mail:

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