France endorses the Czech Presidency preparations for the European Council

On Friday Czech Prime Minister and President of the EU Council Jan Fischer met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the Élysée Palace.

“I was convinced by the meeting that there is a good chance that the last European Council during the Czech Presidency will be effective and that it will bring concrete results, although its agenda is extremely challenging. France is a very important partner for us, and not only because it is in the Trio Presidency with us. Therefore, I am glad that today confirmed that France approaches the European Council in a constructive manner,” stated the Prime Minister at the press conference. He also added that the French President supports the Czech Presidency in its efforts to lead the European Council to consensus on key issues.

According to the Prime Minister, on the agenda of the European Council will be the following items: financial and economic issues, including European financial supervision and issues of softening the impacts of the economic crisis, negotiations on the future President of the European Commission, development in the preparations of the Copenhagen conference on fighting climate change and EU international political relations, particularly with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Prime Minister Fischer also said that the summit is expected to endorse the guarantees for Ireland that should enable the re-run of the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. “I agree with President Sarkozy that the guarantees for Ireland need to be robust enough from the point of view of the Irish citizens (to dispel all the concerns the Irish citizens expressed during the first referendum), yet they must not give reason to initiation of a new ratification process in any EU country,” added the Prime Minister.

As the June summit draws near, the Prime Minister consults opinions on individual points on the agenda of the European Council with all EU Member States – in person with some and on the phone with others. So far, he has visited President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and he also attended a meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on Wednesday. On Monday 15 June the Czech Prime Minister will meet with his British counterpart, Gordon Brown, at a lecture at Chatham House in London.

In the past few weeks, Deputy Prime Minister and Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout and Minister for European Affairs Štefan Füle have been carrying out complementary consultations with Member States with a similar goal – i.e. to lay the groundwork for a smooth meeting of the European Council. From this perspective, the meeting of the GAERC Council in Luxembourg, to be held on 15 and 16 June, which will open up the issues of the European Council under Czech leadership, will be very significant.


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