Implementation of the EU Forest Action Plan Expert Seminar „Taking Us out of the Woods“

  • Date: 3.6.2009 — 5.6.2009
  • Venue: The Pardubice region - Czech Republic
  • Category: Conferences and Seminars
  • Theme: Agriculture and Fisheries

International seminar on communication in forestry

On 3 – 5 June, the Chrudim Museum hosts an international seminar to support the EU Forest Action Plan. Here, forestry experts can exchange experiences in the field of environmental education and information campaigns.

“Communication in the field of forestry has its particularities and a wide scope. On the one hand it is important to disseminate information about the social and economic functions of forests, about timber as a renewable resource and the role of forests in mitigating climate change. On the other hand we are looking for new communication tools that would enable us to reach the general public and enhance people’s awareness of the work of foresters”, said Czech Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Forest Management Jiří Novák. “Good-quality presentation of forestry builds a balanced positive relationship between people, nature and forests”, Deputy Minister Novák summed up.

During the seminar, three working groups analysed the strengths and weaknesses of communication on forestry themes. Their work will result in recommendations on topics to be communicated, means of communication and target groups. These recommendations will be based on successful projects carried out in other EU Member States.

The meeting should result in a clear definition of the shape of the communication strategy for forestry at European level in the upcoming years. The seminar addressed particularly the issue of informing the public on topics relating to forestry in the most comprehensive and clear manner and thus raising awareness of forestry and the environment. The outcomes of the seminar will also be discussed by EU Forest Directors-General at the informal meeting to take place at the end of June in the Vysočina Region and later by the EU Standing Forestry Committee.

The Czech representatives gave a presentation on training of forest pedagogues and their work with handicapped children. Activities with children and people with special needs have a long tradition in the Czech Republic, and they were also appreciated by the foreign participants in the seminar. Experts from Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Finland and various other countries spoke at the seminar.

To conclude the seminar, the participants visited the most interesting sights in the Pardubice Region, that hosted the meeting. This event was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Forest Communicators Network, the Pardubice Region and the town of Chrudim.


  • Tereza Dvořáčková, Spokeswoman of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Tel.: +420 221 813 063, GSM: +420 737 213 030, E-mail:

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